[Mailman-Users] How to deal with these spam submissions?

Tracey McCartney tracey at fairhousing.com
Mon Jan 5 19:35:45 CET 2015

I run a list at fair_housing@(my domain here). 


Over the last few days, I've received some spammy non-member submissions
from these e-mail addresses:


fair_housingbnqq at maxcom.net.mx

fair_housinghjhn at woohoo.ro

fair_housingrjs at fourlads.com

fair_housingrprs at pepempilhadeiras.com.br
<mailto:fair_housingrprs at pepempilhadeiras.com.br> 


So clearly these aren't totally random - they have bot-generated addresses
based on the address of my list.  I would like to add these and e-mail
addresses like them to my sender filter to be discarded upon receipt.  I am
vaguely aware that one can use regular expressions to do this, but I don't
want to screw something up and filter out legit posters.  Can someone help
me with the correct regex?




Tracey McCartney

Tennessee Fair Housing Council

107 Music City Circle, Suite 318

Nashville, TN 37214

www.tennfairhousing.org <http://www.tennfairhousing.org> 



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