[Mailman-Users] Upgrading/migrating Mailman v2.1.9 -> v2.1.18-1

Chris Nulk cnulk at scu.edu
Wed Jan 14 06:04:36 CET 2015

Hello all,

I will be upgrading/migrating from a v2.1.9 Mailman installation to a
v2.1.18-1 Mailman installation.  In addition, I will be upgrading the
hardware and will be keeping the name of the system the same.  I have a few
questions if anyone can help.

I will be keeping the current installation (v2.1.9) running while I build
the new installation (v2.1.18-1).

Are there any issues I should watch for using the following process?

Assuming the current system is named 'lists.example.com' and the new system
is named 'newlists.example.com' (temporarily)

- Build the new installation (v2.1.18-1), configure and test it
- Migrate all the list configs and list archives from the current system to
the new system
- run check_perms -f (just to be safe)
- run fix_url on the new system (probably not necessary but I want to make
sure the lists are working on the new system).
- test several of the key lists (receiving messages, sending messages to
members, ability to make config changes)
- change the current system from 'lists.example.com' to '
oldlists.example.com', change/update system name/DNS/firewall entries, run
check_perms and fix_url, and restart Mailman
- change the new system from 'newlists.example.com' to 'lists.example.com',
change/update system name/DNS/firewall entries, run check_perms and
fix_url, and restart Mailman
- test several of the key lists for proper operation

At a first pass, I think I have covered most (hopefully, all) potential
issues.  The process should allow me make sure the new installation is
working before the lists are moved, after the lists are moved but before
the system name is changed, and after the system named is change.  The
result should be a new upgraded and migrated Mailman installation.

Does the process seem reasonable and workable?

The next issue that I have to mix in are customizations to Mailman.  I plan
on adding the customizations back in between the first two steps above with
additional testing of course.

The question about customizations is how different is the code between
v2.1.9 and 2.1.18-1?
If I create patches with the difference between the original v2.1.9 code
and my customizations using diff -Nu, will I be able to apply those patches
to the v2.1.18-1 code?

Naturally, I will make copies of any files that will be changed before
applying the patches.  Also, since I do add additional attributes to the
list configs, I will be very careful with changes to versions.py and

Any help is appreciated.


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