[Mailman-Users] Which from, reply and DMARC settings for a discussion group?

Clare Redstone clare at catspaw.plus.com
Mon Jan 19 00:14:57 CET 2015

Apologies if this has been discussed before. I've read some of the archive
measures about DMARC but there are lots and there's so much technical stuff
in them that I don't understand. I don't understand what settings I need for
our email discussion group to work as smoothly as can be since DMARC caused
so much hassle.


I've been trying to understand from_is_list, anonymous_list,
first_strip_reply_to, reply_goes_to_list and reply_to_address and don't know
if I need to change options here or dmarc_moderation_action or both.


What I'm hoping to achieve:

1.       That when people hit the "reply" button, the reply goes to the
(Currently most of the time it fills in both the poster's and the list's
address. I just tried a test from gmail using Outlook and it only filled in
the poster's address.)

2.       It would be good if the poster's email address was visible, so that
someone could chose to reply privately. In the same way as it used to be.
But I want that to be a deliberate choice. I think that since DMARC altered
how Mailman functioned, some are replying accidentally only to the poster
(as in the gmail example above) and don't realise that's happened. So we
lose out on the group discussion.
This isn't essential. In fact in some ways it may be a good thing if
posters' email addresses aren't visible. It's a self-help group and some
people prefer to remain anonymous. Occasionally people hadn't realised their
email addresses became visible to the group when they posted.

3.       None (or as few as possible) messages not reaching intended
recipients due to providers' and email clients' settings, DMARC etc causing
problems. None (or as few as possible) members being suspended due to
excessive bounces and the list being blacklisted.

4.       If there's a choice between 1 and 2 (ie, I can't have both) then 1
takes priority. There's been a noticeable drop in group discussion so I
wonder whether replies have been going to individuals quite often, instead
of the group. If someone needs to reply to someone privately, I think it's
still possible. If push comes to shove, they just post a reply saying "you
can email me off-list at XX at yy." That's no different from the senders' email
addresses being visible before in any case.


Is this possible? I'd be grateful if someone would tell me what settings I
need for this. Sorry I haven't been able to understand it myself.


Mailman v 2.1.18-1

On a shared host so I don't have access to root (I think)



Thank you.



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