[Mailman-Users] Diagnosing command failures

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Jan 21 05:14:38 CET 2015

Gary Merrill writes:

 > Personal consultation and observation appears to be the only
 > approach here that will be successful.

If the security implications are acceptable (which I think they are),
you can also provide the user with a precomposed URL that they can put
in their bookmarks list, as Mark mentioned.

We don't provide that kind of thing ourselves because it is a security
risk, and also in some contexts a legal risk (some list owners are
subject to legal requirement to get confirmation for subscription, for

Aside: in this case it's not necessary AFAIK, but in cases where a
CSRF token or similar dynamically generated security token might be
involved, it should be possible to use Java script to acquire and
return the token.

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