[Mailman-Users] Heads up on pending Mailman 2.1.19 release

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 24 22:53:38 CET 2015

I will soon be packaging and announcing the first release candidate for
Mailman 2.1.19. The details of changes since the 2.1.18-1 release are in
the attached README.

The reason for this heads up is there are many things in this release
that have i18n impacts and I want to give as much notice as possible of
these changes so that people who are interested in updating templates
and the message catalogs for a particular language can hopefully get
their changes in in time for the final release. If you are interested in
helping with this, whether or not you are a current translator, see

Many of the changes have to do with the fact that for several years, I
have been maintaining the officially defunct 2.2 branch in parallel with
2.1. This branch had a number of features and fixes that had never been
put in the 2.1 branch because of their i18n impacts. I have now decided
to backport all those changes and finally abandon the 2.2 branch. These
changes affect the message catalog and add a new adminaddrchgack.txt
template and make a minor change to the admindbdetails.html template.

I have also implemented new features that weren't in the 2.2 branch, but
add new strings to the web admin UI.

See the attached README for more on what all these changes are.

The mailman.pot message template has been updated with all these changes
and msgmerged with the various mailman.po files. All of this can be
retrieved from the bazaar branch at
<https://code.launchpad.net/~mailman-coders/mailman/2.1> at rev. 1520
(or later).

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2.2 Branch Backports (released in conjunction with 2.1.19)

  The following New Features and Bug Fixes have been in an "unofficial,
  never to be released" Mailman 2.2 branch for several years. Until now,
  they were never implemented on the official 2.1 branch because of their
  i18n impacts.  Given that there have been a number of i18n impacting
  changes due to DMARC mitigations in the last few releases, it has been
  decided to backport these as well.

  All of these changes have been running in production on several lists
  for years without problems other than untranslated strings, so they should
  be reasonably "bug free".

  New Features

    - There is a new list attribute 'subscribe_auto_approval' which is a list
      of email addresses and regular expressions matching email addresses
      whose subscriptions are exempt from admin approval.  (LP: #266609)

    - Confirmed member change of address is logged in the 'subscribe' log,
      and if admin_notify_mchanges is true, a notice is sent to the list
      owner using a new adminaddrchgack.txt template.

    - Added an 'automate' option to bin/newlist to send the notice to the
      admin without the prompt.

    - The processing of Topics regular expressions has changed. Previously the
      Topics regexp was compiled in verbose mode but not documented as such
      which caused some confusion.  Also, the documentation indicated that
      topic keywords could be entered one per line, but these entries were not
      handled properly.  Topics regexps are now compiled in non-verbose mode
      and multi-line entries are 'ored'.  Existing Topics regexps will be
      converted when the list is updated so they will continue to work.

    - Added real name display to the web roster.  (LP: #266754)

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - Changed the response to an invalid confirmation to be more generic.
      Not all confirmations are subscription requests.

    - Changed the default nonmember_rejection_notice to be more user friendly.
      (LP: #418728)

    - Added "If you are a list member" qualification to some messages from the
      options login page.  (LP: #266442)

    - Changed the 'Approve' wording in the admindbdetails.html template to
      'Accept/Approve' for better agreement with the button labels.

    - Added '(by thread)' to the previous and next message links in the
      archive to emphasize that even if you got to the message from a
      subject, date or author index, previous and next are still by thread.

2.1.19 (xx-xxx-xxxx)

  New Features

    - There is a new list attribute dmarc_wrapped_message_text and a
      DEFAULT_DMARC_WRAPPED_MESSAGE_TEXT setting to set the default for new
      lists.  This text is added to a message which is wrapped because of
      dmarc_moderation_action in a separate text/plain part that precedes the
      message/rfc822 part containing the original message.  It can be used to
      provide an explanation of why the message was wrapped or similar info.

    - There is a new list attribute equivalent_domains and a
      DEFAULT_EQUIVALENT_DOMAINS setting to set the default for new lists which
      in turn defaults to the empty string.  This provides a way to specify one
      or more groups of domains, e.g., mac.com, me.com, icloud.com, which are
      considered equivalent for validating list membership for posting and
      moderation purposes.

    - There is a new WEB_HEAD_ADD setting to specify text to be added to the
      <HEAD> section of Mailman's internally generated web pages.  This doesn't
      apply to pages built from templates, but in those cases, custom templates
      can be created.  (LP: #1409396)

    - There is a new DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBE_OR_INVITE setting.  Set this to Yes
      to make the default selection on the admin Mass Subscriptions page
      Invite rather than Subscribe.  (LP: #1404511)

    - There is a new list attribute in the Bounce processing section.
      bounce_notify_owner_on_bounce_increment if set to Yes will cause
      Mailman to notify the list owner on every bounce that increments a
      list member's score but doesn't result in a probe or disable.  There
      is a new configuration setting setting
      for new lists.  This in turn defaults to No.  (LP: #1382150)

  Changed behavior

    - Mailman's log files, request.pck files and heldmsg-* files are no
      longer created world readable to protect against access by untrusted
      local users.  Note that permissions on existing log files won't be
      changed so if you are concerned about this and don't rotate logs or
      have a logrotate process that creates new log files instead of letting
      Mailman create them, you will need to address that.  (LP: #1327404)

  Other changes

    - The Python Powered logo image has been replaced in the misc/ directory
      in the source distribution.  Depending on how you've installed these
      images, you may need to copy PythonPowered.png from the misc/ directory
      in the source or from the $prefix/icons/ installed directory to another
      location for your web server.  (LP: #1408575)


    - The Russian templates have been updated by Danil Smirnov.  (LP: #1403462)

    - The Japanese translation has been updated by SATOH Fumiyasu.
      (LP: #1402989)

    - A minor change in the French translation of a listinfo subscribe form
      message has been made.  (LP: #1331194)

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - When applying DMARC mitigations, CookHeaders now adds the original From:
      to Cc: rather than Reply-To: in some cases to make MUA 'reply' and
      'reply all' more consistent with the non-DMARC cases.  (LP: #1407098)

    - The Subject: of the list welcome message wasn't always in the user's
      preferred language.  Fixed.  (LP: #1400988)

    - Accept email command in Subject: prefixed with Re: or similar with no
      intervening space.  (LP: #1400200)

    - Fixed a UnicodeDecodeError that could occur in the web admin interface
      if 'text' valued attributes have unicode values.  (LP: #1397170)

    - We now catch the NotAMemberError exception thrown if an authenticated
      unsubscribe is submitted from the user options page for a nonmember.
      (LP: #1390653)

    - Fixed an archiving bug that would cause messages with 'Subject: Re:'
      only to be indexed in the archives without a link to the message.
      (LP: #1388614)

    - The vette log entry for a message discarded by a handler now includes
      the list name and the name of the handler.  (LP: #558096)

    - The options CGI now rejects all but HTTP GET and POST requests.
      (LP: #1372199)

    - A list's poster password will now be accepted on an Urgent: header.
      (LP: #1371678)

    - Fixed a bug which caused a setting of 2 for REMOVE_DKIM_HEADERS to be
      ignored.  (LP: #1363278)

    - Renamed messages/sr/readme.sr to README.sr.  (LP: #1360616)

    - Moved the dmarc_moderation_action checks from the Moderate handler to
      the SpamDetect handler so that the Reject and Discard actions will be
      done before the message might be held by header_filter_rules, and the
      Wrap Message and Munge From actions will be done on messages held by
      header_filter_rules if the message is approved.  (LP: #1334450)

    - <label> tags have been added around most check boxes and radio buttons
      and their text labels in the admin and admindb web GUI so they can be
      (de)selected by clicking the text.  (LP: #266391)

    - If checking DNS for dmarc_moderation_action and DNS lookup is not
      available, log it.  (LP: #1324541)
    - Handle missing From: header addresses for DMARC mitigation actions.
      (LP: #1318025)

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