[Mailman-Users] merging 2 mailing lists

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Mon Jul 6 15:26:02 CEST 2015

2 somebodies I know want to merge their mailing lists.  They are
both lists for recipes for people who have impaired kidney function.
A complication is that these lists are hosted on different machines,
with completely different names, etc.  But picking a third name
and setting things up so that posters to both old names get their
mail sent to the third place, while receiving a message informing
them to use the new address seems to work in testing.

The problem is with the archives.  They want to change the footers
in each of the old list messages to say 'this was posted to old_list,
use new_list instead if you want to post a new message' and point to
the new archives.  I can write a script to do that.

But then, having modified the footers they want to store the 2 past
archives as 1 archive, so that people who search the thing will get
hits wherever the old article was posted.  I don't see any out-of-the-box
solutions, am I missing something?


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