[Mailman-Users] spam filter not working

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Mon Jul 6 17:53:02 CEST 2015

> > I have a spam filter set to 'hold':
> > 
> > X-Spam-Level:\s*\*\*\*

> I would use
> ^X-Spam-Level:\s*\*\*\*
> but yours should match any with 3 or more stars, in particular the one
> above.

I have confirmed with the sysadmins:

	 There is no way to set it to use spam assassin first.

So my problem is the obvious one: the filter isn't working because spam 
assassin isn't there.  I need to figure out something to do about this.  
I can close the list, which will be a nuisance for me [to approve-through 
legit emails from alternate addreses] but that may be my only recourse.

I'm actually thinking of a little hack that'd probably work: set up a 
*real* mailbox as the target of the list.  That _will_ get 
spam-assassined.  Then set up a cron-job that runs every few minutes to 
grab the mailbox and 'bounce' it to the mailman list.  Dunno if I can 
pull that off and it might be more trouble than it saves...

   Thanks for the help, though.

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