[Mailman-Users] Mapping member options from Mailman 2 to 3

Daniel Miller bonsaiviking at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 15:41:08 CEST 2015


I'm trying to migrate an existing list from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3, and I
wanted to know more about user preferences and member options. Here is the
mapping I have so far:

Mailman 2: Mailman 3
realname: {address, user}.display_name
password: user.password
language: preferences.preferred_language
delivery.status: preferences.delivery_status
delivery.delivery: prefererences.delivery_mode
noremind: ???
nodupes: ~preferences.receive_list_copy
notmetoo: ~preferences.receive_own_postings
hide: preferences.hide_address
ack: preferences.acknowledge_posts
mod: ???
nomail: ???
nmtopics: ???
topics: ???

Do the missing (???) options have any corresponding attribute in Mailman 3,
and are these accessible through mailman.client?

I am particularly interested in the moderation flag, but any other
information you may have would be useful. I am not entirely clear on
whether an Address or Membership can exist without an associated User, and
if I copy our existing roster as address-only memberships whether our
subscribers will be able to update their preferences.


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