[Mailman-Users] some mailman questions

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jul 20 16:55:12 CEST 2015

On 7/20/15 7:19 AM, Mark T wrote:
> Hi can any one help with the following
> 1 i have set all my mailing lists to private  
> how do i get the list to show up in mailman only if i go to the page ...

If you mean you want lists that are not 'advertised' to show on the
admin and listinfo overview pages only if you and no one else goes to
the page, that would require modifications to the source code.

You could possibly implement your own CGI or PHP page that would run
Mailman's bin/list_lists command and display the results.

> 2. if i update my linode server will it break my mailman only i was told it would  
> the version i am useing is 2.1.16rc2 witch i was also told is the most accessible for the blind

There should be no difference in accessibility between Mailman 2.1.16rc2
and later versions.

I don't know why a server upgrade would break Mailman. I suppose there
could be issues resulting from an upgrade, but without knowing more
detail about both the current and upgraded configurations, I have no
idea what they might be.

> 3 is there a way of changing all my passwords with out doing them one by one

If you mean list member passwords, a list member can change her password
globally from her options page for any list of which she is a member.

If you mean list admin passwords, you can use Mailman's bin/change_pw
tool to change the admin password for all or selected lists.

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