[Mailman-Users] Disabling the digest feature

MLA my_list_address at yahoo.no
Mon Jul 20 17:56:28 CEST 2015

On 20/07/2015 16:04, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 7/20/15 3:18 AM, MLA wrote:
>> I have a low volume mailing list and would like to remove the digest
>> option, so what I've done is (via the Mailman administrative interface):
>> - in "Membership management"-"Membership list": disabled "Digest" from
>> those members who had this enabled
>> - in "Digest option": set Edit_digest to NO to disable the digest
>> feature entirely
> Do you mean digestable as in
> Can list members choose to receive list traffic bunched in digests?
> (Edit digestable)?

Sorry, yes. I meant "Edit_digestable".

>> But for testing purposes I subscribed to the list with a new address and
>> noticed that in my user's administration page ("options" section)
>> there's a choice for "set digest mode" for on/off. How can I remove this
>> and any other trace of the digest option which I might have missed?

> The setting is there, but it can't be set to Yes if digestable is No.
> If you have sufficient access to the server, you can copy
> /path/to/templates/en/options.html to
> /path/to/lists/LISTNAME/en/options.html and remove the part

I'm not sure which rights I have to the server but I was able to edit it 
from the web user administration interface!
In the "Edit the public HTML pages and text files" I edited the "User 
specific options page". Works great now.

> It is arguably a bug to display these settings on the options page if
> the list is not digestable and the user's digest setting is not Yes. If
> you file a bug at <https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+filebug>, I'll
> consider fixing it.



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