[Mailman-Users] some mailman questions

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Jul 20 19:07:31 CEST 2015

At 09:55 AM 7/20/2015, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>On 7/20/15 7:19 AM, Mark T wrote:
> > Hi can any one help with the following

> > 2. if i update my linode server will it break my mailman only i 
> was told it would
> > the version i am useing is 2.1.16rc2 witch i was also told is the 
> most accessible for the blind

I run Mailman through cPanel, but on Linode, and upgrading my OS has 
never caused any problems.  Also, I am a blind user, and there will 
be no accessibility problems by moving to 2.1.20.


>There should be no difference in accessibility between Mailman 2.1.16rc2
>and later versions.
>I don't know why a server upgrade would break Mailman. I suppose there
>could be issues resulting from an upgrade, but without knowing more
>detail about both the current and upgraded configurations, I have no
>idea what they might be.

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