[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 - Some questions

Krinetzki, Stephan Krinetzki at itc.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Jul 28 12:08:26 CEST 2015


I am planning to migrate from mailman 2.1.14 to mailman 3. At the moment
mailman 3 is running on a new CentOS 7 server with postfix as MTA. But I
have some questions and problems:

1. I have an error with hyperkitty. After receiving an mail I'm getting this

Jul 28 11:31:06 2015 (3227) ACCEPT:
<DAF46B4691C451439746B086FB8AA4FFA33CB9 at MBX-S1.rwth-ad.de>
Jul 28 11:31:07 2015 (3221) HyperKitty failure on <h1>Bad Request (400)</h1> (400)
Jul 28 11:31:07 2015 (3221) HyperKitty failure on <h1>Bad Request (400)</h1> (400)
Jul 28 11:31:08 2015 (3231) HyperKitty failure on <h1>Bad Request (400)</h1>
Jul 28 11:31:08 2015 (3231) Broken archiver: hyperkitty
Traceback (most recent call last):
unners/archive.py", line 107, in _dispose
    archiver.system_archiver.archive_message(mlist, msg_copy)
yperkitty/__init__.py", line 132, in archive_message
    raise ValueError(result.text)
ValueError: <h1>Bad Request (400)</h1>

So the mail is delivered to the list, but not in the archive. I'm no python
expert, so I can't say what's wrong. Any kind of help is appreciated.

2. In mailman 2, I've created a list and added a new owner. Then the owner
get an email, with his password and a link to the admin page of the list.
How does this work in mailman3? If I create an list in mailman3 and set the
owner, then the email address is the owner, but he isn't noticed. So what
steps are needed to get an password for the new owner and admin of the list?

3. Is it possible to get Shibboleth (https://www.shibboleth.net) working
with mailman3?

4. The link in the welcome mail to the info page of the list is wrong. It
says   http://lists.example.com/listinfo/list@lists.example.com and if I
visit this link, I get an 404 error. (example.com is here a real domain).
The Second link says http://example.com/me@host.com where the example.com
part seems to be hardcoded.

Thank you for your help and I hope my English is not too bad (I'm just a
German IT Administrator...)

Greetings from Germany

Stephan Krinetzki

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