[Mailman-Users] Wrap Message and Munge From aren't happening

Gretchen R Beck cmupythia at cmu.edu
Wed Jun 17 18:02:30 CEST 2015

Hi Folks,

I have a new test mailman server running  It's got some customizations in it from our old 2.1.9 server.

Everything seems to work except the DMARC policy -- specifically, if I send mail to a list from my yahoo address, it bounces if the DMARC moderation action for the list is set to Accept (expected), Wrap Message, or Munge From (unexpected) are set.

I turned off the Outgoing queue runner and examined the captured messages, and frankly, the headers/message body all looks the same, not matter which option is set.

Any suggestions, helpful hints, or things to poke at?

Thanks much!

Gretchen Beck
Carnegie Mellon

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