[Mailman-Users] DKIM best practise

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jun 22 04:33:10 CEST 2015

On 06/20/2015 06:39 PM, Yasir Assam wrote:
> Is there any way I can get hotmail to reply to the list when the From:
> header is munged? Is munging considered bad form (when not mitigating
> DMARC reject policies)?

It may not have been clear from my earlier reply, but yes, From Munging
is considered bad form. It violates the basic email RFCs definition of
the meaning of the From: header. It is best not to do it
unconditionally, and a better response to DMARC mitigation is Wrap
Message, but that said we recognize that Wrap Message creates issues for
some (particularly moblie device) MUAs so that in some cases at least,
Munge From is the most acceptable mitigation. It is best if only applied
when needed via dmarc_moderation_action and not unconditionally via

On a different subject, I have looked a bit further, and with what I
understand your list settings to be, i.e. Full Personalization,
from_is_list = Munge From, reply_goes_to_list = Poster; I think even
with 2.1.18 the list posting address will be put in or added to Cc:, and
the original From: will be in Reply-To:.

Thus any reasonable MUA should 'reply' to the original From: and
'reply-all' to the original From: and the list. If the headers are as I
say and Hotmail is not doing this, then Hotmail is behaving badly as the
Reply-To: should override the list address in the From:, but it
shouldn't affect replying-all to a Cc:.

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