[Mailman-Users] Forced Migration nightmare

Jeffrey Westgate Jeffrey.Westgate at arkansas.gov
Thu Jun 25 17:17:19 CEST 2015

Our guru kicked off his mortal coil and left me with a bunch of old linux servers.  Not normally a problem.... normally, as I'm fairly adept and learn quickly.

Our list server crashed, unrecoverably.  I'm trying to resurrect it - from rhel5 to rhel7, on a new VM. Using Mailman version: 2.1.9

We've recovered everything from our backup, but I'm danged if I can figure out why it isn't sending mail

I am to the point of building another (third) VM, and scratch loading.

Is there a concise 'migration' guide that a novice (to mailman) could make sense out of to get our list server back online?

Jeff Westgate
State of Arkansas DIS
UNIX System Administration

PS - if any of you knew Stephen L Johnson of Little Rock, AR, take a moment to remember him. List manager(s)- if he was a member, he is no longer....

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