[Mailman-Users] Migration missing held messages

Peter Draksler draksler at mcmaster.ca
Sat Jun 27 22:19:28 CEST 2015

On 15-06-27 11:59 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 06/26/2015 05:35 PM, Peter Draksler wrote:
>> I did find the held messages are in /var/lib/mailman/data and migrated
>> them but the admin GUI shows there are No Pending Requests.
>> Doing a dumpdb on the migrated request.db file lists all the held
>> messages but they're not in the request.pck file.
> I'm not sure how this happened. How exactly did you do the migration. If
> you did something which ran bin/update, It should migrate the requests.
> Even now, if you still have the requests.db files in the lists/LISTNAME/
> directories, running 'bin/update --force' may do it.

Thanks Mark, running 'bin/update --force' updated the held requests 
database; created request.pck and deleted request.db.  I did run 
'bin/update' earlier but that only resulted in "No updates are necessary".

To answer your question, I just created a tar of the /archives /lists 
and /data directories of the lists that are being migrated on the old 
server and then extracted them on the new.

>> The config.db file was converted to config.pck without any issues.  Is
>> there something I missed?
> It is a good idea, after migration is complete to remove the old
> config.db and config.db.last files and probably the requests.db as well.
> The reason is that if for some reason at some future time, there is an
> issue with the config.pck(.last) files, Mailman will fall back the the
> config.db if it's there, and all of a sudden your list reverts to an old
> state. It's better to discover the issue when it occurs than to find out
> days or more later that the list has reverted to an old state.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to add deleting the config.db* files 
at the end of the migration script.

Thanks again!


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