[Mailman-Users] Sub-lists

Ron Webb ron at webbnet.org
Tue Jun 30 21:56:00 CEST 2015

I am looking to set-up a mailing list for a group of people but was hoping
there is a way to have sub-lists. For example, I'd like to have one group
be everyone, then another group that is regional. I was thinking of "
group-all at mydomain.com" for messages covering everyone but they could send
a message to "group-sacramento at mydomain.com" to and it will only go to
those that are interested in "Sacramento" specific messages. I would like
to make subscribers opt-in or opt-out of the regional. At this point, I
have not selected a hosting service yet. I wish to bring my own domain to
wherever I choose. I'm not sure if someone that just advertises that they
use Mailman is sufficient or if I need to find a hosting company that
provides shell access for setup is what I need. I'm sure there is some Wiki
or something if this sub-lists works but I must be using the wrong search
term for what I want.

Another thing that is important for me is I do NOT want to archive or cache
messages, at least for not much more than a day. For me, I work for a large
corporation. While it is a large corporation, those of us wishing this list
are like bastard step-children. We work with others from the same
corporation but we operate under completely different rules and a different
hierarchy. We seldom see each other because there is usually only one of us
working in an area at a time and we are spread out geographically. We are
represented by the same union that the majority of the employees of the
corporation are represented by, but since we do not have a common work
area, we have no way of having "water-cooler talk". As it is "water-cooler
talk", we do not wish it to be officially a part of the union nor the
corporation. If there is any concern about something said, as the
facilitator of communications, I wish to just say I do not save
communications. If a group member wishes to save something, that is up to
them, as is the case with how we are doing email now.

I will also wish to add some type of disclaimer that no one will probably
give it much thought, but it will state that statements made are the of the
sole responsibility of the author of the statement and they are not the
official opinion of the corporation nor the union and the maintainer of the
list does not archive messages. I'm sure I'll come up with much better
wording than that but I'm sure you get the gist.

I'm just hoping I've found the right product and can receive some advice
from those that have set up lists.

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