[Mailman-Users] Jump from Python 2.4 to 2.7...

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Mon Mar 2 17:59:05 CET 2015

> I'm going to be doing a new Mailman installation on a Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system 5.11 with Python 2.4.3.  The goal
> is to convert existing ListProc mailing lists to Mailman without
> having to change the addresses for the lists.  I've done a
> similar conversion in the past many years ago and expect it to
> take a few months to get all my list owners moved to the to the
> new MLM.
> When all the lists are eventually converted or retired, I will
> then migrate this new Mailman installation from the above
> platform to a new RHEL 7 installation with Python 2.7.
> My question is, are there any quirks or gotchas that I should be
> aware of in going from the old RHEL/Python platform to the new
> one?  Is there anything I can do on the old system now that will
> make migration to the new platform easier?  For example, I could
> use Pythonbrew to install a private v2.7 Python on the old box
> for Mailman to use, rather than relying on the system's older
> Python.

FWIW, we're still on RHEL 5 and have been using the Python 2.7 RPMs from 
iuscommunityproject for several years. Here's the repo file:

name=IUS Community Project

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