[Mailman-Users] ListProc to Mailman migration -- any tools or guides?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 2 18:27:49 CET 2015

On 03/02/2015 07:24 AM, Bill.Costa at unh.edu wrote:
> I'm going to be migrating about 400 lists with 25K subscribers
> from ListProc to Mailman.  I'm looking for whatever tools I can
> find to aid in the conversion process.  Of particular concern is
> the creation of the replacement list in Mailman with a reasonable
> mapping of the ListProc settings into equivalent Mailman
> features, and of course the conversion of the subscribers.
> Archive conversion would be nice too, but is a much lower
> priority.

I know nothing of the internals of ListProc, so I can't help directly,
but there are a couple of Majordomo to Mailman conversion scripts
(written in perl) in Mailman's contrib directory
that might give you some ideas.

Archives can be imported to Mailman using Mailman's bin/arch tool, but
the messages need to be in a *nix mbox format with '^From ' separators.
If they aren't already in that format, the task is to create it.

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