[Mailman-Users] File placement during installation...

Bill.Costa at unh.edu Bill.Costa at unh.edu
Thu Mar 5 02:24:35 CET 2015

If this is question is better asked on the developer's list, let
me know.

I'm going to install Mailman from source because the current RHEL
package system would install Mailman v2.1.9 (2006-10-23) but I
need the latest version (v2.1.19) for all the latest DMARC
mitigation goodness.

As to where to install Mailman, the installation manual says...

> The default is to install all of Mailman to `/usr/local/mailman`.

But the Wiki document "DOC/ RHEL file changes after version
2.1.5-20" says...

> As of mailman-2.1.5-21, mailman file locations were changed to
> conform to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)...


The thing is, in the table provided, I don't see any mention of
the `/usr/local/mailman` directory, so I'm a bit confused.  For
an installation from source on RHEL, is the suggested default
location best, or should I change it?

BTW -- on the subject of which Python, I did a package install of
Python v2.6.8 and will explicitly configure the Mailman install
to use that:

  ./configure --with-mail-gid=mail --with-python=/usr/bin/python2.6

The package installer doesn't clobber the system Python (v2.4.3)
and since the installation manual recommends at least v2.4.4 I
figured the available package was new enough, and I didn't need
the latest and greatest Python.  Thanks to all for the warning
about not clobbering the default RHEL system Python!


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