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Gretchen R Beck cmupythia at cmu.edu
Wed Mar 4 18:01:58 CET 2015

Hi Bryan,

I've encountered something similar when there is a problem with the Outgoing qrunner (it's behind, a disk is over quota, sendmail -- which we use for the MTA layer -- is throwing an error, the list has gotten tagged by the spam filter, etc).  How do your queues look?

Gretchen Beck
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On 03/04/2015 08:23 AM, Bryan Blackwell wrote:
> On Mar 3, 2015, at 8:08 PM, len ward <len.ward at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I manage a list of 60 members.  If I send an email it does not get to
>> anybody, yet it is recorded in archives.  Same for most others, although I
>> know one person gets through and maybe others.  How do I fix this?
>> Regards len
> I found that DMARC is pervasive enough to cause this behavior.  Using "munge from" fixed it for me, be aware you need a very recent version of MM to have the options.

If the posts that aren't received are all From: yahoo.com and aol.com
addresses, DMARC is the likely reason. See the FAQs at
<http://wiki.list.org/x/17891458> and <http://wiki.list.org/x/17891477>.

On the other hand, if this is independent of sender, see the FAQs at
<http://wiki.list.org/x/4030723> and <http://wiki.list.org/x/4030690>.

Does Mailman record bounces for the undelivered mail? See Mailman's
'bounce' and 'error' logs if you have access.

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