[Mailman-Users] Subject Prefixing

A.K. Eyma ayma at tip.nl
Fri Mar 20 15:38:02 CET 2015

Thanks, Richard and Mark, for responses.

Richard wrote:
>I suspect that it isn't that the list added the name after the
 >Re:, but that the MUA left it there and added the Re: first,
 >and the list saw that the tag was already in the message and
 >left it there. This keeps the subject tidy.

**I have a moderated list, so such occassions do not occur
(I would edit out any 'old' [listname] and whatever stacking
of prefixes that could happen). It is simply so that if you
post a subject line "re: topic", Mailman changes that to
"re: [listname] topic" (instead of just treating the "re:" as
part of the subject line / topic, .i.e. change it to
"[listname] re: topic" ). I now understand from Mark's
response that this is a host server setting beyond listowner
control, i.e. that the software dóes allow changing (just not
by listowners). The [Listname %d] is present in my case, but
I do not think it would be an improvement (just add confusion).
Ah well.

Off-topic: are there by chance people present who run a
Mailman list at Yale University? Who could drop me a note
offlist (it's about that horrid Targeted Attack Protection
system -- although perhaps it plagues lists at other
universities as well).


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