[Mailman-Users] The "right" way to reply to a mailing list

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Mon Mar 23 10:47:09 CET 2015

On Fri, 20 Mar 2015, J.B. Nicholson-Owens wrote:

> Every modern (typically GUI) MUA I know of has ...

I use a non-GUI MUA (Alpine) and I find it has all the features I can 
imagine to want (some of which were "user programmed")

> I think modern MUAs in widespread use (with the exception of Thunderbird 
> and its derivatives) don't do proper threading.

Alpine has threading, but I have not enabled it for e-mail (while I use it 
for Usenet newsgroups ... am I old enough ? :-)).

If I want to go back to a thread in a mailing list discussion (which I do 
not archive locally), I go to the list archive.

For personal (work) correspondence I need no threading. I archive message 
in separate folders by project/topic, and I can zoom in by subject.

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