[Mailman-Users] The "right" way to reply to a mailing list

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Mar 24 03:30:29 CET 2015

Lindsay Haisley writes:
 > On Mon, 2015-03-23 at 11:58 -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
 > > Yes. The MIME type of the digest part is multipart/digest. The
 > > individual messages are message/rfc822 sub-parts.
 > So ideally, a "proper" MUA should be able to extract and deal with the
 > message/rfc822 sub-parts as emails in their own right.

Yes.  Most Emacs-based MUAs (all the ones I've used, which is about
6), including even the horrible old RMail, can do this.  Mutt and
IIRC Alpine can too.

There's also an older format (RFC 974, I believe).  The Emacs-based
MUAs can folderize such digests, too, or "explode" them into
individual messages and add them to a folder (usually just the current

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