[Mailman-Users] Scrubbing html

Nancy Cullen cybergram at eastlink.ca
Wed Mar 25 01:46:01 CET 2015

I do have the Digest Options set to MIME, that is why I am confused 
that  we still got the scrubbed message!!


At 06:34 PM 3/24/2015, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>On 03/24/2015 01:33 PM, Nancy Cullen wrote:
> > Hi, hoping someone can help me with settings. The group that I am
> > listkeeper for just recently started
> > allowing html but our digest still shows this message at the end of each
> > post:
> >
> > An HTML attachment was scrubbed...
>And there will be a link to the HTML escaped part in the list's
>archives. This is in the plain text format digest. The MIME format
>digest will contain the message as it was sent from the list to regular
>There is no way to include HTML as HTML in a plain text digest, and
>including it as text is not useful and just makes the digest hard to read.
>Unset 'plain' for your list's digest members and set Digest options ->
>mime_is_default_digest to MIME, and then those users with MUAs that
>don't render the MIME digest appropriately will have to switch back to
>plain and not see the HTML except in the archive.
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