[Mailman-Users] virtual domain confusion

David Benfell benfell at parts-unknown.org
Wed Mar 25 07:24:14 CET 2015

Quoting Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:
> I didn't think to mention in my previous reply, but the above is only
> meaningful if you also are already using Mailman/Postfix integration -
> i.e. you have
> MTA = 'Postfix'
> in mm_cfg.py.  Assuming you are doing this, you may also need to add
> Mailman's data/virtual-mailman (which will be created along with your
> first humansci.org list) to Postfix's virtual_alias_maps in main.cf.
> See <http://www.list.org/mailman-install/postfix-virtual.html>

This, thankfully, is present. Unfortunately, there appear to be some  
boobytraps with Postfix's virtual_alias_maps that are forcing me to  
set this aside for now. My existing set-up hadn't been using them;  
trying to introduce them created some temporary failures and probably  
lost some (but not all) mail. There's simply way too much I don't  
understand with postfix.


David Benfell <benfell at parts-unknown.org>
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