[Mailman-Users] The "right" way to reply to a mailing list ... maybe not right, but how we want to serve our community

Dean Suhr deansuhr at deansuhr.us
Tue Mar 31 20:28:53 CEST 2015

Hi Mark,

Our subscriber dynamic on our discussion lists is slightly different.  While Mailman may eliminate the duplicate email sends to folks who have their messages replied to by readers, is important that we achieve two things with our list messages:

1) We want all replies to go to the list, however, we do not want the sender’s email disclosed (this are medical discussion lists and we need to preserve some basic contact privacy)
2) We DO want the sender’s name to be visible as part of the FROM since the senders may not include their name in the body of their message.

What we would like is:
a) DMARC compliance and munging
b) the From to read "sender via list name", i.e. “Dean Suhr - via Mailman-Users” for this list
c) no matter if the user clicks REPLY or REPLY-ALL the reply goes only to the list

We want to be able to provide a controlled experience for all participants without having to change their personal behaviors.   Prior to DMARC we were able to provide this capability (with sender name as from and all replies to the list) for our users. 

I am struggling with v2.1.18-1 to establish this configuration.  If this option combination is not available can you point me to where in the code I might have to manually tweak?



> On Mar 19, 2015, at 20:33, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> On 03/19/2015 04:50 PM, Peter Shute wrote:
>> Lindsay Haisley wrote:
>>> It is polite, though, to make sure you're not sending 
>>> duplicate posts to people by doing a "Reply to All" which 
>>> will probably send a copy of your reply to _both_ the list 
>>> and the original poster.  I think that this is a common point 
>>> of confusion.  "All" in this context doesn't mean "all the 
>>> list subscribers", but "all the addresses in the headers."
>> In all the mail clients I use, I get a choice of Reply, which for this list will reply only to the original sender, or Reply All, which sends it to the original sender and the list. If I want to reply just to the list, I have to hit Reply All and then delete the original sender's address. I usually don't bother, and I assumed most people don't. Has that been annoying people? I thought mailman was smart enough not to send another copy to people in the Cc list.
> On Mailman lists at least it is a user option to receive or not receive
> two copies of list posts in which they are also directly addressed.
> Thus, I feel it is never necessary to remove the poster's address from a
> 'reply all'. In fact there is at least one good reason not to. Namely,
> the poster might be a digest member or even on some lists, a non-member,
> and 'reply all' gets them a copy now as opposed to in the next digest or
> never.
> That said, I tend to use 'reply list' when it's available.
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