[Mailman-Users] The "right" way to reply to a mailing list ... maybe not right, but how we want to serve our community

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 31 21:27:51 CEST 2015

On 03/31/2015 11:28 AM, Dean Suhr wrote:
> 1) We want all replies to go to the list, however, we do not want the sender’s email disclosed (this are medical discussion lists and we need to preserve some basic contact privacy)


> 2) We DO want the sender’s name to be visible as part of the FROM since the senders may not include their name in the body of their message.
> What we would like is:
> a) DMARC compliance and munging
> b) the From to read "sender via list name", i.e. “Dean Suhr - via Mailman-Users” for this list
> c) no matter if the user clicks REPLY or REPLY-ALL the reply goes only to the list
> We want to be able to provide a controlled experience for all participants without having to change their personal behaviors.   Prior to DMARC we were able to provide this capability (with sender name as from and all replies to the list) for our users. 

I don't understand how you were suppressing the sender's email address.
Are you sure it wasn't there and just nut displayed by the email client
you were using to read the mail. I.e. MS Outlook and several other mail
clients, even K9 mail on my android phone, will by default only show the
display name and not the address if there is a display name in From:

> I am struggling with v2.1.18-1 to establish this configuration.  If this option combination is not available can you point me to where in the code I might have to manually tweak?

If on General Options, you set

from_is_list = Munge From
first_strip_reply_to = Yes
reply_goes_to_list = This list

Also to prevent Privacy options... -> Sender filters ->
dmarc_moderation_action from superceding from_is_list on posts from
yahoo.com or aol.com, that setting should either be Accept or Munge From.

This will almost get you there, but the original From: address will be
added to the Reply-To: header in delivered posts. This was changed in
2.1.19 to add the address to Cc: instead per
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+bug/1407098>, but it will be there
in one of those headers so that reply-all will explicitly include the
original From:.

To suppress this addition of the original From: to some header would
require code modification or setting anonymous_list = Yes, but setting
anonymous_list = Yes will completely hide the posters name.

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