[Mailman-Users] Trying to get mail working

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Wed May 13 15:15:20 CEST 2015

I have charge of a very mixed system--current OS (Fedora 20--OK 21's
out but I just haven't upgraded yet), current (or nearly so) Mailman
(2.1.18-1), Postfix 2.10 with a configuration file sfrom something a
lot older which I've run through the upgrade-configuration procedure,
and old Dovecot (1.0.15). Is there anything I can do to test each of
these components individually, then add a second component and test
the three pairs, then all three together? I am nobody's definitioin of
an expert in any of these three components, so am having a lot of
trouble making them work together, so I thought maybe there might be
some test procedure that might straighten me out.

Thanks in advance.

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