[Mailman-Users] Mail delivered locally but not to remote domains

Dean Collins dean.collins at insightplanners.com
Mon May 18 19:42:35 CEST 2015

Sorry for not changing the subject last time. This is a server using the
Plesk 12 control panel.

The answer was:

"Ensure that 'localhost' IP addresses is white listed in Plesk. Go to Tools
& Settings > Mail Server Settings > White list To verity it open Tools &
Settings > Mail Settings > White List and check whether it contain the
following addresses: '::1/128' and ''."

Their knowledgebase article is at http://kb.odin.com/en/123649.

Thank you!


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On 05/15/2015 12:28 PM, Dean Collins wrote:
> Subscribers include me at mydomain.com (the same domain the list is on) 
> and various addresses from other domains/servers (a couple of servers 
> I run, plus Gmail and AT&T.)
> Mail sent to mylist at mydomain.com from any subscriber gets archived -- 
> and distributed to me at mydomain.com. But none of the other subscribers 
> receive the list mail.

In order to be sure about anything, I'd need to see some logs like Mailman's
smtp-failure log and the MTA logs, except I don't know anything about qmail.

However, based on past experience I can say the following.

1) Mailman is delivering to the local MTA (qmail) and the mail is being
delivered to local addresses but not being sent to remote domains.

2) Other locally generated mail is being sent to remote domains.

When this happens it is probably an IPv4 vs. IPv6 issue. Here's one
scenario. It may not be exactly this in your case, but you should be able to

The MTA has an idea of what addresses constitute the local network and will
relay mail from those addresses to the outside. This includes say the IPv4
local host, something like, but not the IPv6 local host ::1.

Mailman, by default, delivers to 'localhost'. 'localhost' in turn is defined
as the IPv6 ::1 address. Thus Mailman's mail comes to the MTA from ::1 which
is not in the MTA's notion of the local network, so the MTA refuses to relay
the mail.

This can be fixed in multiple ways. You can add the IPv6 local host to the
MTA's local network. You can change /etc/hosts to associate rather than ::1 with 'localhost'. You can set SMTPHOST in
mm_cfg.py to something that will work. E.g.,


Note that since I haven't seen your logs, the above scenario may be off.
Perhaps it would be that Mailman is sending via the IPv4 loopback and qmail
wants IPv6, but the idea is the same.

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