[Mailman-Users] One way umbrella list question

Rob Dover kamflyer at shaw.ca
Mon May 25 17:14:42 CEST 2015

I have an installation (2.1.20) that we use for club communications. All
club members are explicitly subscribed to the main [members] list. There are
also a couple of smaller lists that we use for executive and committee
discussions. I would like all members of the master [members] list to have
posting privileges to the smaller lists but limit the emails that mailman
sends for the smaller lists to only the smaller lists.
In other words if a member of the exec list posts to the exec list, all
members of the executive receive a copy but a regular member would be
allowed to post to the executive list but ONLY the executive members would
get a copy. 
As I understand an umbrella list all umbrella members would see all
postings. Correct? 
Can this be done?

Thanks -Rob­

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