[Mailman-Users] X-Spam-Score: 22.4 and still sent out to the list...

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri May 29 18:28:23 CEST 2015

James Nightly writes:

 > How can I configure mailman on Debian to reject messages with
 > X-Spam-Score over 8? We are getting bombarded with spam, messages are
 > tagged by Spamassasin, but for some reason Exim4 still sends these to
 > Mailman.

"Evaluating" numbers by regexp is finicky, but there's a SpamAssassin
setting that makes it provide a header with as many stars as the
message got spam points.  Then you just filter on r"^X-Spam-Stars:
\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*" (where you need to substitute the real header name
for "X-Spam-Stars", of course).

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