[Mailman-Users] Part of moderated mails postponed to later digests

Henrik Rasmussen her at adm.ku.dk
Wed Nov 4 05:09:32 EST 2015

> My best guess is you are triggering digests on size (Digest options -> digest_size_threshold) and either not periodically (digest_send_periodic = No) or cron/senddigests runs only weekly.

To clarify, he has set digest_size_threshold to 10000 and digest_send_periodic =Yes. /usr/lib/mailman/cron/senddigests is run by cron every day at noon.

Other digest settings is

nondigestable = True
scrub_nondigest = False
digestable = True
digest_is_default = 1
mime_is_default_digest = 0
digest_size_threshhold = 10000
digest_send_periodic = 1
digest_volume_frequency = 3
discard_these_nonmembers = (241 members)
ban_list = (188 members)

The digest_size_threshhold = 10000 may likely course the problem, but is necessary as a digest containing a single mail is sent each time a mail is sent to the list-address as suggested by https://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2014-August/077622.html.

Regards Henrik

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