[Mailman-Users] [Mailman-Developers] Mailman and Box

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Nov 4 19:26:35 EST 2015

Moving to mailman-users, be a better place to post a request for

Please respect cross-posting restrictions.  If you're just reporting
experience, reply-to is set to Mailman-Users which is appropriate (at
least, IIRC the Mailman Users/Developers lists don't mess with
preexisting Reply-To).  If you have patched Mailman to make it work
better in this kind of application, you *may* wish to move the
conversation back to Mailman Developers to propose inclusin in a
future version of Mailman.  (If you just want to say "hey I have a
patch", I would leave that on -Users, FWIW YMMV.)

Bill.Costa at unh.edu writes:
 > We will be retiring our Blackboard system (an e-learning portal)
 > which offered users 'organizations'; basically a combination of
 > group sharing of documents and collaboration via email.
 > I can't begin to duplicate all of the functionality of this part
 > of Blackboard, but I figured if I could link our school's Box
 > cloud storage with our new Mailman v2 installation, that would go
 > a long ways to provide a similar service.
 > The idea is that for every Mailman list created, a new Box shared
 > folder would also be created and associated with that list.  The
 > list owner and subscriber information would live in Mailman.  A
 > nightly reconciliation job would maintain the
 > list-owner/folder-owner roster and subscriber list between the
 > two systems.  Subscribers to the list would be granted, as a
 > whole, either reader or contributor access to the Box folder
 > (whatever the owner chooses).  The list-owner would be able to do
 > things like put the associated Box folder's URL into the list's
 > message footer.
 > Box provides a RESTful API, so I think I just might be able to
 > pull this off.
 > My question is, is there anybody else already doing this or
 > something similar?

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