[Mailman-Users] Downgrade options/alternatives

Montanez, Victor VxMr at pge.com
Thu Nov 12 13:14:09 EST 2015


I have done a successful upgrade from Mailman version 2.1.16 to 2.1.20 successfully. I am now testing the downgrade (In case some issue comes up and I have to rollback) and it seemed to have gone okay for the most part.

At the of the end of the downgrade I get the following message(which I have googled around but no real alternative given).

Compiling  i18n.py ...

Compiling versions.py ...

Downgrade detected, from version 0x20114f0 to version 0x20110f0

This is probably not safe.


make: *** [update] Error 1

I understand is a downgrade, that is what I want to do. But it looks like "downgrading" isn't really supported in Mailman. What is a recommended alternative for having a way to go back to previous Mailman version?

Thank you

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