[Mailman-Users] Can the list prefix placed at the end of the subject line?

Nicola Caon nicola.caon at iac.es
Thu Nov 19 12:25:10 EST 2015


here at my workplace several users have suggested that the list prefix be
removed from the email subject, as the list prefix takes up precious space
in the subject line and makes it more difficult to see what the email is
about without opening it (especially on mobile or small screens).

In our case the problem is magnified by the fact that our main lists are
actually made up of sublists, so that the email subject might go like
[postdocs][researchers] Seminar tomorrow on ...

Other users strongly object to removing the list prefix altogether from the
email subject.

Perhaps the best compromise would be moving the list prefix at the end of
the subject line, however it seems that there is no such option in mailman
(we are running version 2.1.15).

Are there any hidden settings or some simple change to the code that can
enable this option? Or could it be implemented in a future release?


Nicola Caon

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