[Mailman-Users] Can the list prefix placed at the end of the subject line?

Adrian Pepper arpepper at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 19 17:36:22 EST 2015

On 11/19/15 9:25 AM, Nicola Caon wrote:
> Hi,
> here at my workplace several users have suggested that the list prefix be
> removed from the email subject, as the list prefix takes up precious space
> in the subject line and makes it more difficult to see what the email is
> about without opening it (especially on mobile or small screens).
> In our case the problem is magnified by the fact that our main lists are
> actually made up of sublists, so that the email subject might go like
> [postdocs][researchers] Seminar tomorrow on ...
> Other users strongly object to removing the list prefix altogether from the
> email subject.
> Perhaps the best compromise would be moving the list prefix at the end of
> the subject line, however it seems that there is no such option in mailman
> (we are running version 2.1.15).
> Are there any hidden settings or some simple change to the code that can
> enable this option? Or could it be implemented in a future release?
> Thanks!
> Nicola Caon
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I see, you are talking about your own prefixes, not [Mailman-Users]

What is in [] doesn't need to match the list name exactly (or at all,
although obviously it is better if it matches somewhat).

So you could shorten to e.g. "[pdoc][rsrch] Seminar tomorrow on ..."
Perhaps some of the top lists don't need a tag?

Adrian Pepper
arpepper at uwaterloo.ca

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