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Fil fil at rezo.net
Sun Nov 22 14:43:31 EST 2015

> Is there a question in this or is it just an informational report?

Hi Mark,

it's mainly a report, the underlying question being "what happened? is
there a problem somewhere?".

> > First, the message was received and rejected by the list moderators
> >
> > logs/vette.log:Nov 22 14:56:45 2015 (10257) Message rejected, msgid: <
> > 20151122135632.C128E412040 at mst135.mdreg-mstnew.qlc.co.in>
> This is not a moderator reject. This message was logged by
> IncomingRunner after some handler in the pipeline raised
> Errors.RejectMessage. This could have happened for example because it
> was a non-member post and the list is configured to reject a non-member
> post.
In 2.1.20, there should be another 3 lines in this log message giving
> the list name, the handler and  the reject reason.

You are right: it was discarded automatically

Nov 22 14:56:45 2015 (10257) Message rejected, msgid:
<20151122135632.C128E412040 at mst135.mdreg-mstnew.qlc
        list: spip-ann,
        handler: Moderate,
        reason: (blah blah blah)

So a handler said to reject the message. The reject was logged and then
> the BounceMessage method was called to send a reject notice. The
> BounceMessage method encountered the above exception when trying to
> queue the reject notice in the virgin queue, and because of this
> exception, the original message was shunted.

Secondary question: how comes there can be a memory exception on trying to
load spip-ann/extend.py (which is non-existent).

> Unfortunately, when the message is shunted, the handler that rejected
> the message has already been popped from the pipeline so the unshunted
> message begins processing with the subsequent handler and is not rejected.

Thanks for the explanations.

> I have a few observations.
> 1) The skipping of the handler throwing the exception upon unshunting
> seems to be a bug.


> 2) Rejecting rather than discarding unwanted posts produces backscatter
> and is not a good idea in general.

OK. I have configured that list to instead discard and send to the

> 3) Normally, I think it is rare that unshunting a shunted post without
> analyzing and fixing the underlying exception will succeed. In any case,
> blindly running unshunt via cron is probably not a good idea. Is there
> some unusual situation that makes you want to do this?

I think I added this cron job a few years ago after I found many legitimate
emails had ended in the shunt directory. I run about 800 lists on the
server which helps explain why some choices are sometimes gross :)

Thanks a lot Mark.

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