[Mailman-Users] Can't handle Administrative requests for mailing list

Terry Lund terry.lund at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 13:53:58 EST 2015

While doing testing for some new mailing lists, I've got a couple of Held
Messages, waiting for administrator handling, but when I go to the admin
screen for the list, none of the available optons will work, the screen
just reloads and displays the same message. I've tried the individual
options for Defer, Accept, Reject, Discard and they don't do anything, and
I have also tried the check box "Discard all messages marked Defer" to no

My hosting company, Bluehost has tried checking permissions etc or
something and said it's not an issue they can resolve since technically
they don't "support" Mailman. I've used the lists on other accounts with
Bluehost and they work just fine, as expected. This is the first time for
these lists on this account.

What might cause this issue?

terry.lund at gmail.com

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