[Mailman-Users] Installing Mailman

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Nov 24 12:41:03 EST 2015

Dave Arndt writes:

 > So this list is version specific?  I though it was a mailman users
 > list (in general).

No, and yes.  People are welcome to discuss Mailman 3 here.  But
Mailman 3 is not yet widely deployed, so there is little experience
with it on this list.  Eventually Mailman 3 will be user-supported, as
Mailman 2 is, but for now almost all expertise is in the developers,
and they don't hang out here (with the exception of myself and Mark,
and neither of us has global knowledge of Mailman 3).  So Mark is
saying, if you've got a specific question, you're *welcome* to ask the
developers directly.  Or you can ask here and hope to get lucky. ;-)

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