[Mailman-Users] command listinfo not in docroot (10005)

Dave Arndt dave at 3rdValve.net
Sat Nov 28 11:30:36 EST 2015

After installing mailman (with yum), I get an error when attempting to
access the listinfo page:

"Internal Server Error"

Inspecting the logs in httpd, I see this in suexec-log:

command listinfo not in docroot (10005)

I do NOT have the option of disabling suexec.

After considerable time spent looking into this, it seems that I need to
have mailman installed under "DocumentRoot", which on my host appears to be

Further reading indicates that i cannot use the "installroot" option on yum
to change the installation root directory, UNLESS I've created my own
custom RPM.  That rules that out.

So now, I'm resorting to 100% manual installation...

My questions are:

1) Am I taking the right approach in solving this problem?  That is, by
installing under docroot, will it address the Apache suexec problem we're

2) If docroot is /var/www/html, do i create the mailman directory
*directly* beneath the /var/www.html folder?  i.e. - /var/www.html/mailman
(that just doesn't seem right...?)

Is there some other way to solve this problem?  (Very difficult package to
get installed and running, unless your a huge linux/mailman guru, I


- da

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