[Mailman-Users] Text "Reappears" when MBox Archive Rebuilt

Dave Arndt dave at 3rdValve.net
Mon Nov 30 16:09:46 EST 2015

This is an odd one. I'm hoping there's a straight forward answer:

1) I edited our mbox archive (with vi) to remove some offensive content.
(x, xx)

2) Saved the file.

3) Did a *grep* on the text that was removed - not found.

4) Uploaded the mbox file to a brand new server

5) Rebuilt the html archives using that mbox file.

The text that was deleted in step #1 appears in the newly generated HTML

How could this be possible?

Out of paranoia I went back to the mbox file that I uploaded, grep'd again
- and also loaded the file into vi and searched for any of the text that
was removed.  Not found.

Any ideas?  This seems really, really strange.

- Caught in a Parallel Universe

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