[Mailman-Users] strange interaction between mailman and google docs

Ottoson Webmaster ottosonwebmaster at arlington.k12.ma.us
Mon Nov 30 17:48:00 EST 2015

I am seeing a strange problem and I am wondering if someone has any idea.
I am using google docs to create a newsletter which I then send to a
mailman mailing list.

Within google docs I use the feature "Email as attachment" to send to the
The mailman list has about 1000 addresses some of which are gmail addresses
and some are not (yahoo, hotmail, etc.)

Well, the email from google docs is *only* received by the gmail addresses
in the mailing list but *not* by any of the other addresses.

If I send the email with the attachment from google docs to a *single*
non-google email, then I see no problems.
If I send the email with the attachment from gmail  (outside of google
docs) to the entire list I see no problems.

The problem is only *from google docs to non-google email in mailman list*


Thank you!

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