[Mailman-Users] monthly reminders not being sent

Jeffrey Westgate Jeffrey.Westgate at arkansas.gov
Thu Oct 1 15:05:04 CEST 2015

Greetings all;

I'm a relative noob to the list server realm, having inherited 60-odd lists running on a few different servers 4months ago from a coworker who passed on. The following week our list server crashed hard - disk issue on old hardware.

I've rebuilt and recovered all the active lists, collapsed three (or was it four...?) separate servers/aliases into one, purged a few old and unused lists, and even added some new ones since - we're hovering at just about 50 lists.  I've build the new box as a VMWare VM running Scientific Linux 7 x86_64, with Mailman v2.1.20.

Users are happy, things seem to be stable and humming along nicely... except for one thing I have not been able to get sorted -

monthly password reminders are not being sent. The 'send me' is set to Yes on the list page.

If I go the the list page and tell it to send me a reminder, it does.

I've checked the docs and wiki.  I'm fairly sure this is a (probably) simple config issue, but my lack of experience with Mailman is hindering me.

Someone point me in the right direction, please?

Jeff Westgate
State of Arkansas DIS UNIX System Administration

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