[Mailman-Users] Additional questions about ban_list

Chris Nulk cnulk at scu.edu
Tue Oct 6 17:07:40 CEST 2015

Hello all,

I have been loosely following the discussion regarding regex in the 
ban_list attribute.  I now find myself being asked to create a list 
which will most likely use the ban_list attribute.  So, I have a few 

1. The ban_list attribute is to help prevent unwanted people from 
subscribing to a list, however, I want to restrict who can subscribe to 
the list and ban anyone else.  I have the regex for who I want to allow 
to subscribe but there isn't an allow_list attribute.  Is there an easy 
way of allowing a regex to control who is able to subscribe?  Or, is 
there a way to easily invert the regex logic and use it in ban_list?  As 
an example (not the real regex), say I want to only allow @gmail.com to 
subscribe to the list but no one else.

2. An additional requirement is to restrict a subgroup of the addresses 
from subscribing.  In short, I want to allow all @gmail.com addresses to 
subscribe except for a known subgroup.  Now the known subgroup is in a 
Mailman list.  So, can I use a Mailman list in the ban_list attribute 
similar to using a list in *_these_members attributes?  Or, would I have 
to modify the code to allow using a Mailman list in the ban_list attribute?

Thank you for your consideration,

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