[Mailman-Users] Some subscriber's e-mail adresses contains line break unicode character ​

Henrik Rasmussen her at adm.ku.dk
Tue Oct 20 10:52:22 CEST 2015

In some occasions, a few subscribers of different lists contains the character ​ in the mail-address, like me at example.com​<mailto:me at example.com​> preventing them from receiving any mails from Mailman. The Unicode is always the same on affected subscribers.

As what I've read it is a zero space line break unicode character. So far the only think I found was about HTML pages containing the character and a single post explains something about the character being added to a page through the Office 365 Public Website editor. But since subscribing to a Mailman list does not involve an editor, I assume that the character could have been added by a webbased mail client.

>From what I've learned, the issue is associated with a random number of subscribers on different lists, having different admins in most cases - I currently have the issue on two lists having the same admin though, but two different subscribers.

I don't know whether the subscribers have subscribed through mail or through the Mailman web interface, but since the problem is random, I assume that the Mailman web interface is not associated. I guess that it must be some kind of common web based MUA they have used, like Gmail or Hotmail or similar.

What could course this and how can I prevent it?

Yours faithfully

Henrik Rasmussen

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