[Mailman-Users] duplicates

Marco Stoecker marco at stoecker-family.de
Wed Oct 21 05:06:16 EDT 2015

On 10/21/2015 02:40 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 10/20/2015 04:45 PM, Marco Stoecker wrote:
>> I see a pattern now, when duplicates occur and it may have to do with
>> mailman.
>> If someone in a list send an email to two or three lists on the same
>> server, the recipients of the list will get two or three times the 
>> same
>> email. If it is sent to one list only, no duplicate occur.
>> Any glue what the root cause could be?
> If you are saying that people who are members of more than one list
> receive a copy from each list of which they are a member when a post is
> sent to multiple lists, that's the way Mailman works.
> I.e. If I am a member of list1, list2 and list3 and someone posts to 
> all
> three lists, I will receive a copy from each list.
> The list member setting "Avoid duplicate copies of messages?" (nodupes)
> does not affect this. It only affects whether I receive a list copy if 
> I
> am also a To: or Cc: addressee of the post.
> The list's Non-digest options -> regular_exclude_lists can modify this
> behavior somewhat. E.g., if the regular_exclude_lists setting for
> list1 at example.com includes list2 at example.com and list3 at example.com and
> the regular_exclude_lists setting for list2 at example.com includes
> list3 at example.com, then a member of all three lists will receive a copy
> of a post sent to all three lists from only list3 at example.com.
> regular_exclude_lists need to be set up with care. In particular, if
> list2 at example.com is in list1 at example.com's regular_exclude_lists,
> list1 at example.com MUST not be in list2 at example.com's
> regular_exclude_lists or a post sent to both lists will not be received
> by anyone who is a member of both lists.
> Note that in the above, member means non-digest member. Digest members
> are not affected by this.

Dear Mark,

in addition to my former post, where do I find information about how 
mailman is handing over to postfix. Mayby that could help me.


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