[Mailman-Users] duplicates

Marco Stoecker marco at stoecker-family.de
Wed Oct 28 20:45:49 EDT 2015

On 10/28/2015 04:22 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 10/28/2015 02:22 AM, Marco Stoecker wrote:
>> I think I do now understand why duplication is happening. But have no
>> idea how to avoid it. So here is how I think it happened.
>> I send an email to list1 and list2
>> now on my ISP there is an email forwarding from list1 at ... and list2 at ...
>> to the email account mailmansrv at mydomain. So here I have 2 emails in
>> that account which are both to: list1 and list2. Fetchmail now will get
>> these 2 messages with to: to both lists and even postfix gets 2 messages
>> with each adressed to two lists. I think this is the reason why
>> duplication happens.
>> But now I have no glue how to configure on the ISP side or
>> postfix(relayhost) or mailman to avoid such duplicates.
>> Any assistance possible here in this mailing list?
> Yes. That is what's happening
> To fix this, if it is possible to eliminate fetchmail and have the ISP
> email forwarding go directly to your machine, you can then configure
> Postfix on your machine to deliver to Mailman with aliases in the normal
> way and the problem is solved.

my machine has dynamic/changing ip adresses, as it is connected to the
internet via dial-in connection.

> If it is not possible to to eliminate fetchmail because, e.g., it is not
> possible to mail directly to your machine from the ISP, then perhaps you
> can eliminate the forwarding from list1 at ... and list2 at ... to the email
> account mailmansrv at mydomain and have fetchmail pick up the mail
> individually per list and deliver only to that list.

I have 24 lists and only 20 email accounts to configure separately.

> Your basic problem is that mailman is designed to run on the server that
> receives the list mail directly. Because of whatever restrictions exist
> that prevent that, you (or someone) have come up with this fetchmail
> kludge and it doesn't work because of the duplication.

I'm also not happy with this, but the kindergarden for which the
solution is, can afford only this.

> Others have made this work by having separate mailboxes on the host for
> each list, list-owner, list-subscribe, etc. address and using fetchmail
> to deliver mailbox by mailbox to the appropriate place on the Mailman
> machine.

problem solved :-D
I got the indication of envelope 1 Received to skip the first Received
line + 'aka mx.kundenserver.de' in the fetchmailrc was the solution to
get the envelope information of to what list the email was intended to.
So I can keep fetchmail, cause there is no other solution so far.

Thx for your support!

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