[Mailman-Users] strange postings to non-existant lists

Bruce Harrison harrison at utm.edu
Tue Sep 8 19:25:46 CEST 2015

These are just random addresses, never existed on my mailman machine.
Incoming gets filtered by Microsoft setup.


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Bruce Harrison wrote:

>Interesting, I may give SpamAssassin a look.  Thanks!

One thing here which I forgot is if your machine is not receiving mail directly, you may have less luck with SpamAssassin due to the mail always coming in from a downstream server.  It is easy to overcome but needs more configuration.

>Mine are almost always mail to invalid lists.

Are these lists which used to exist, or just random addresses on the system?

>My box talks to our local mail processor, which in turn runs off-campus thru the MS filters/scanners and on out.

It's incoming mail we're interested in here, does that get handled directly or via filtering machines to?


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