[Mailman-Users] Fwd: BCC and bounces

Borja Riesgo Juan borjariesgo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 16:05:07 CEST 2015

I answer:

anonymous_list = Yes will do its best to conceal the identity of the
person who posted to the list. It makes no attempt to conceal the fact
that the message came from a list.

>* --> I imagine that it cannot be supress. in my case, only a few users
*>* will be able to reply.

I believe you are trying to do things that Mailman is not designed to
do. If the people on your list do not know that they are on a list, How
did they get there. Did they get there by confirmed opt-in or did you
add them without their informed consent?

In your original post, you said

>* To sum up, i want that the list is something that they don´t know. how can
*>* i do that?

The answer is "mailman is not designed to do that". If you need to do
that, you'll have to use something else.

MY problem is the following. My ISP doen´st allow to send more than
100 messages per hour.
I have a music group with 100-150 people in it.
I have to sent messages in the CCO field but now this is not allow in
my ISP and
the only thing they allow me to do is sending using mailman.
 I want that the aspect of the mail are similiar to the mails that
have users in the CCO.
 That's the rest for hidden the list. i don´t want they reply the
list, and i want them to reply to my email address.

may change the listname-bounces at domainname? i don´t like this. why is
this created? what is the aim of this address?

i have asked to update to a new vesion or mailman and the answer from
my isp is that is not allowed. the version with the isp 2.1.12. the
have to updte the cpanel

Best regards


Un saludo

Borja Riesgo
borjariesgo at gmail.com

2015-09-28 11:15 GMT+02:00 Borja Riesgo Juan <borjariesgo at gmail.com>:

> Hello
> I restart this thread again.
> I'm coming in late here and most of this thread has been covered, but
> with respect to the above, the all-bounces at mydomain.com <https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/mailman-users> address is the
> list bounce processing address. Mailman sets the envelope sender and
> also the Sender: and Errors-To: headers to this value.  If your users
> are seeing this address, it is probably because they are using a
> Microsoft mail client that displays something like "From: (the Sender:
> address) on behalf of (the From: address)".
> Since Mailman 2.1.14, if a site allows it, there is a list admin General
> Options -> include_sender_header setting which can be set to No to not
> include the Sender: header. The all-bounces at mydomain.com <https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/mailman-users> address will
> still be the envelope sender and in the Errors-To: header, but most
> users won't see it.
> --> anonymous_list to yes  and first_strip_reply_to to yes.  and without not success. this paramters are supposed to hide the sender and other parameters no? my version is 2.1.12. I shoyld ask to my isp to change it.
> (Editar *anonymous_list*)
> <http://lists.corodiocesano.es/mailman/admin/all/?VARHELP=general/anonymous_list>
> Also see my other reply in this thread at
> <https://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2015-September/079783.html>.
> --> I imagine that it cannot be supress. in my case, only a few users will be able to reply.
> Un saludo
> Borja Riesgo
> borjariesgo at gmail.com
> 2015-09-08 23:32 GMT+02:00 Peter Bossley <pete at bossley.me>:
>> But it appears as though the list posting address still winds up in the
>> CC: field even with FP turned on. It does send a message to each recipient
>> but I am wondering how one would go about removing the list address in the
>> CC: field to avoid people replying all.
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>> Borja Riesgo Juan writes:
>>  > I want the see that i send the message and they as the receivers.
>> For a sufficiently recent mailman (I think that includes everything in
>> common use nowadays) in the *administrative interface* to the list in the
>> *Non-digest options* screen, you will find an option to
>> *personalize* messages.  In my Mailman that is the second option from the
>> top in that screen.  Set it to "Full Personalization".  That should be all
>> you need to achieve what you have asked for in this post.
>> Then send your messages with
>>     To: all at mydomain.com
>>     From: borjariesgo at gmail.com (or borja at mydomain.com or ...)
>> Mailman will *remove* "all at mydomain.com" and substitute each person's
>> address in To:, in a separate email for each address.  Then
>> person at example.net will see
>>     To: "M. A. Person" <person at xemacs.net>
>>     From: borjariesgo at gmail.com
>> (only one "To" address no matter how many people are on the list).
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